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Kat Jackson (@KatBehave) is currently based in Birmingham, Alabama where she studied Art at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Additionally, she earned her M.Ed. in Applied Behavior Analysis at Arizona State University and practices as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. As an artist, Kat enjoys creating original works, painting commission pieces, teaching art techniques and hosting art events. Although her favorite medium is acrylic paint, Kat’s limitless expression involves oil paint, watercolor, graphite, clay sculpture, charcoal, digital art (iPad Pro and Apple Pencil), and elements such as glass. 


"Art is dear to me. Art is how I originally combated intrusive thoughts and ideations. I found what made me extra-ordinary and channeled my energy into it. Although I’ve been drawing since elementary, I became passionate about art once I found true inspiration and empowerment within myself and in the phenomenal women who fought for me to be here (hence my first released series). In my work, I express my passions, feelings, and truths. I like to believe that when I’m gone, my spirit will be here physically in my creations. I enjoy creating custom art for others; however, my original work is something that I do for me, and it's always gratifying when someone else values it just as much. I am multi-facet and instead of changing this by sticking to one aesthetic, I chose to exhibit this fact across my work. Overall, I aspire to be my true self with hopes of being a positive influence and inspiration to others. ” -Kat 

A display of Kat's artwork
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